Service & Maintenance

Proeon have specific service and maintenance offerings for clients looking for a cost effective way of supporting their assets with flexible levels of cover for your control system in the field.

Whether you’re a process plant operator in the paper industry or an offshore wind farm operator, we offer a fast and efficient solution to cover your technical needs. 

Our maintenance cover packages range from 24/7/365 full telephone and local onsite emergency response*, through to simple office hours access to dedicated engineers to talk you through and securely dial-in to solve your issues and get you running again.

We operate a dedicated online ‘Maintenance Log’ for your system which you can access and see what was done, when, by who. Both you and Proeon can leave information, requests, and access remotely at any time to the log giving you the maximum flexibility to monitor your systems.

Service includes regular reviews and auditing of the systems, whether that be a fire and gas system installed offshore or a precision process in a pharmaceutical plant. We provide reviews of the installed software and hardware, identify errors, obsolescence, and minor improvements as well as applicable statutory service requirements. Service certification and document management can be provided for continuity and can be combined in a comprehensive service and maintenance package. 

Current typical contracts include:

  • Offshore wind industry fire detection and suppression system service and rapid response maintenance

  • 24/7 telephone and 4hr site attendance call out maintenance for Industrial polymer processing plant

  • 12/5 telephone and 4hr site attendance call out maintenance for obsolete controllers on packaging processing plant

Proeon can also supply control system spares for our own and third party installations.

To find out how we could reduce your maintenance costs and down time, Contact us directly and we’ll design a package to suit your needs.

* 4 hours onsite response subject to location and proximity to Proeon service centre.