Innovatively Engineered Solutions

Proeon supplies control and safety solutions for complex and critical applications in a variety of industry sectors that principally include the oil & gas, renewable, nuclear and utility industries, that includes:

  • Control & Safety Systems
  • Service Activities
  • Consultancy Services
  • R&D Activities

Our values

We believe that the company’s culture and core values should inspire our employees, our clients and our suppliers to rise to the challenges of a competitive business climate and to provide sustained and manageable growth.

The company’s core values are summarised as Innovation, Reliability and Integrity.

Proeon is committed to creating business growth whilst ensuring that all activities are conducted safely by well-trained and qualified employees and where our impact on the environment is controlled to a minimum.

Proeon policies and procedures, including those relating to quality, social, environmental, health & safety, and employment matters are communicated to all our staff via an integrated Business Management System Manual with its associated procedures and policies.

Markets and installed base

We operate in the energy, manufacturing and utility industries, with a mixture of Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients. Most of our clients are UK based with a worldwide install base.

Markets and installed base

Our story

Proeon was formally formed in 2003 by Kevin Magee and Eddie Pondtheir vision was to provide professional control and safety system engineering services for a variety of industries, setting out as a small support driven Consultancy.

Proeon’s journey began in a small shed in Norfolk, where the Company’s core values were laid down as the cornerstones of the company ethos.

In 2007 Proeon moved from its humble lodgings to the centre of Norwich. Now with growing demand from clients Proeon staff were starting to be sought to support client projects.

A significant turning point for Proeon was the award from SLP Engineering and BP Norge for engineering services for the new accommodation module systems for the Valhall platform. This consultancy project included F&G systems, platform control systems and HVAC control systems. Proeon was by now firmly established as the leader in specialist application control systems.

Proeon moved to the Hethel Engineering Centre in 2010 and has one of the biggest employment base within the centre.

In 2014 Proeon was delighted to have moved into the new development at the Hethel site. This move doubled both our office and workshop space and allowed for future expansion.

Proeon is now establishing itself as a leader in process and automation across a broad range of industries. 

To find out more contact us and arrange a visit or meeting. 

  • Company formation and first Rockwell GT systems

  • First Siemens GT control systems developed

  • First Ex systems delivered

  • Moved to the Hethel Engineering Centre

  • ISO9001

  • Perenco F&G framework awarded
    Functional safety services added to portfolio

  • ISO14001, BartecEx equipment supplier agreement

  • EEEGR Innovation Award finalist

  • Partnership with Dräger to provide F&G consultancy
    National Grid ICA & telemetry agreement

  • Based in Hethel, Norfolk with around 30 Hardware, Software, CAD Engineers and Support staff and one of the biggest employers within the Innovation Centre