Subsea Control Systems

Controlling and safely keeping assets deep underwater with Subsea Control Modules.

The oil and gas market is always facing challenges to reduce cost, which affects all operators.  Taking these factors into consideration, utilising our unique skill set and our approach to problem solving, this has led us to develop our own solutions for many client issues.

Our most recent solution takes into consideration the harsh environment and client driven demands for safety and availability.  We have designed a specific system to be mounted on a Subsea Control Module Mounting Base (SCMMB); consisting of a robust enclosure fitted with underwater driver mateable electrical and hydraulic connectors to enable interfacing with the existing client subsea infrastructure and comms.

When we develop an SCM and SEM enclosure we design to withstand all envisaged loading conditions related to typical offshore handling and installation.  They are designed to operate in subsea salt water conditions at a depth of 120m, with a design temperature range of 0°C to +20°C, providing protection and insulation for the electrical components.

For this application the design has been specifically tailored to enable fitment within client’s specific site envelope limitations.  Due to the high availability requirement and to capture the client’s functional safety requirements, the entire assembly is designed and certified to achieve a SIL3 safety level.

This service builds on the extensive experience of our staff in subsea control equipment and as such Proeon has developed a range of cost-effective hardware and software tools to provide comprehensive testing, upgrades and deployment of the key components of subsea production equipment including:

  • Subsea Control Modules (SCM)

  • Master Control Station (MCS)

  • Electrical Power Units (EPU)

  • Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

Where necessary Proeon can supply drop-in replacement topsides and subsea equipment that is backwards compatible with legacy OEM systems with all aspects of procurement, installation, commissioning and field support for legacy subsea control systems.

All work is undertaken in the UK at our Hethel base; including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and software aspects of the equipment.  Proeon has built a reputation in providing high quality systems designed to the highest standards with accredited Quality Management Systems.

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