Fire & Gas Safety Systems

As part of our wider Fire Safety services, Proeon offers a range of integrated Fire & Gas systems for use in industrial applications.

Fire Safety management is the legal and moral responsibility of all business owners and asset managers. Proeon offer expert technical skill sets, to provide capable and competent engineers, with the specialist knowledge to keep your personnel and assets safe.

The adoption of functional safety standards continues to grow rapidly worldwide with increasing requirements being set for SIL2 / SIL3 capable F&G systems. Here at Proeon have partnered with SCAME Sistemi, (now part of Honeywell) holding the UK licence, for their Fire & Gas control panels.

SCAME Sistemi \ Honeywell S81-HS

Within industrial Fire & Gas protection applications there are few options offering the level of adaptability and control as the S81-HS that provides the following features:

  • Addressable Fire Detection with APOLLO Devices and Loop certified SIL2

  • Addressable Fire Detection with HOCHIKI AND NOTIFIER Devices

  • Conventional Fire Detection System SIL2 or SIL3

  • Explosive and Toxic Gas Detection 4-20mA devices SIL2 or SIL3

  • Fire Extinguishment SIL2 & SIL3

The S81-HS panel is intended for the completely safe protection of high value technology, plant and equipment.

It is designed to meet the heaviest demands on functionality, reliability and availability. In particular, it is ideally suited to companies that operate in the field of energy production and handling, where it shows excellent resistance to electromagnetic disturbances.

The S81-HS panel looks like a safety PLC, but differs from this as it is certified by European bodies to perform the protection functions in compliance with the applicable regulations.


The panel is composed of specialised cards, installed in 483mm (19") racks, whose type and quantity depends on specific applications and customer requirements, i.e. on the plant/equipment to be protected.

The cards, which have their own "intelligence", are programmed for active/passive fire protection, gas detection, intruder alarm and control management.

Moreover, the S81-HS can interact with other panels of the same type, as well as with supervisory and SCADA systems, through both proprietary and standard protocols, such as Ethernet TCP/IP and Modbus.

CAP437 and CAP1264 - Helideck Integrated Fire Fighting and Illuminated Circle–H (DIFF-H)

As part of our range of Fire & Gas system solutions, Proeon has developed a stand-alone integrated package to enable offshore and onshore operators to comply with the CAA – UK CAP 437 and CAP 1264 requirements to provide helideck deluge and illuminated Circle-H navigation systems.

The package comprises of a dedicated fire control panel with either, a compact version of the acclaimed SCAME Sistemi S81-HS SIL 2 capable F&G system controller, or a simplified BS 5839, EN54 compliant fire panel where appropriate. 

The F&G controller monitors, and will initiate the Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System (DIFFs). The system can also provide the option of an LED illuminated Circle-H Helideck Navigation aid. The S81-HS controller, makes use of robust hot-swappable modules to allow for flexibility and reduced down time for expansion and maintenance throughout its life.  Options are also provided to include dual redundant hardware to further improve availability. 

The control system is typically mounted near to the Fire Suppressant skid in an ATEX approved enclosure with simple, easy to use operator controls. Alternatively, the system can be provided within a safe area enclosure inside the control room. The system automatically monitors the Helideck though a number of Dräger F5000 colour visual flame detectors which can also be operated from a control room for CCTV coverage of the Helideck area. Video data from all F5000 detectors is stored on a solid state drive within the F&G control panel that can be made available with status information through a secure network interface. Video is also stored locally within each the F5000 for post incident review.

This entire solution can all be installed as part of a single upgrade package to your Helideck in accordance with CAP437 and CAP1264.

Control Hardware

Scame Sistemi \ Honeywell S81-HS Half Rack

Functional Safety

SIL 2 capable

Hazardous Areas

Safe area, Zone 1 or Zone 2. ATEX and IECEx


  • CAP 437 compliance (2016)

  • CAP 1264 compliance (2016)

  • Helideck Navigation LightingStand-alone helideck F&G system

  • Stand-alone helideck F&G system

  • Helideck deluge system

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