Emergency Response Facilities

Proeon has developed a range of Emergency Response solutions for the management of serious incidents on critical assets.  These systems are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible when not required yet provide sophisticated data acquisition and disaster management when the time comes.

Our extensive experience with some of the major international companies allows Proeon to implement control systems of the highest quality.

Emergency Response facilities include the provision of an Emergency Control Centre (ECC) that can double as a modern conference room. Beneath the polished exterior of the conference room desk lies sophisticated computer and communications systems to acquire data from the site and to guide the incident management staff to make the correct decisions.

The ECC is normally placed outside any potential incident zone and provides a safe place where key personnel can gather to manage an emergency situation. The personnel in the ECC during an incident have priority access to emergency support services including local government, police and hospitals.

Personnel wihin the ECC come from a number of diverse disciplines including logistics, engineering, medical & safety. The response team act together under the control of a senior manager to execute the emergency response plans and to react to any changes or escalation.

A range of integrated software packages are available which will run on workstations to support the hardware installed within the ECC including: 

  • ECC Incident check list database

  • Plant walk-through, P&ID and pipe-work displays

  • Viewing packages for display of archive drawings and documents

  • Integrated relational databases of chemical hazards, telephone contacts, material inventory, on-site fire fighting resources, hazardous areas and the emergency procedures for the site

Proeon can assist clients with the generation of site wide procedures to be incorporated within the ECC systems.

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