Research & Development

Proeon provides Research and Development of specialist control and safety system equipment with the ability to design, build and test at our facilities in Hethel.

New product design and development is more often than not a crucial factor in the survival of a company. In an industry that is changing fast, firms must continually revise their designs, processes, equipment and range of products. This can be necessary for a number of reasons including; continuous technology change and its development, to ensure you are staying competitive within the market, and the changing preference of customers.

Our services allows the development of client research projects that can be run offline and away from core / main business activities. Proeon can be instrumental in the support of your R&D program, from early stage support at proof of concept, right through the design development process into production, conforming to standard Design for Manufacture principles (DfM), complete drawings, documentation, and standards alignment can be provided.

Typical request and projects have ranged from unique wireless control applications in hazardous areas, through to high performance motorsport simulation control systems.

The scope of work range from single application one off builds, through to pre-production proof of concept with IP, development for multiple production runs, and for R&D concepts to be worked into a complete, deployed in the field solution.

Our facilities allow for complete iterative development programs with the flexibility to build entire processes or packages and simulate real life applications of your prototype. 

From UL certified design and build for the US market, hazardous area applications, where ATEX or equivalent certification is required, or machine and functional safety systems are required, Proeon has the expertise to support you with your own unique projects.

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