Turbine Control Systems

Proeon provides a complete automation control solution for industrial gas turbines, station controls and safety systems. Providing complete SCADA, PLC & DCS as well as Fault Tolerant systems, Proeon is at the very forefront of machinery control and monitoring technology.

Our turbine control systems provide the basic engine sequencing and closed loop governor control of gas turbines and can include; HMI systems, plant control systems such as Station Control and Anti-surge control systems for turbo-compressor plant, as well as synchronisation and load control for power generation equipment.

Older turbine control systems will eventually reach a point where they are no longer reliable or supportable and the operator may not have the luxury of installing new control cabinets. The operator may instead require a new turbine control system to fit within the existing footprint. 

Proeon are specialists at developing retrofit solutions for existing turbine installations, enhancing the control and monitoring available, and providing pathways for ongoing supportability with readily available software and hardware.  Proeon enables clients to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of the latest controller hardware, SCADA systems and DCS integration, whilst maintaining the existing mechanical systems, field instrumentation and overall layout.

Proeon provides a complete integration service for turbine control projects, bringing together new or existing turbines with bespoke controls, complete with gas generator and driven load controls.  Whether your application is; power generation, pumping, or compression, we can provide a single procurement interface and deliver the whole solution.

Control Platforms

Proeon has developed an array of control algorithms and software modules running on state of the art Rockwell ControlLogix and Siemens S7 PLC controllers. The software modules have been field proven running in; mechanical load, gas compression, and power generation applications.

These systems provide interchangeable hardware and portable software, greater standardisation, supplier independence as well as upgradeable technology with global support from established companies. Integration of the controls onto other hardware platforms is available where the controllers meet the performance requirements.

Control platforms use conventional I/O but may be interfaced with distributed I/O technologies such as; Profibus, ControlNet, and Genius Bus to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional multi-core field cabling.

Controllers easily integrate with; electronic overspeed controllers, fuel valve controllers (whether analogue or digital), engine instrumentation, speed pickups and LVDT / RVDT  transducers, generator or compressor control systems, and all other relevant systems.

Engine Control

The basic gas turbine engine control schema within the controller platform consists of:

  • Governor Control : Closed loop control of engine speed and engine parameter limiters

  • Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) : Monitoring of the EGT temperatures as well as the calculation of average, deviation, spread, temperature alarming etc.

  • Engine sequencer control : Provides the sequenced start-up and stop control of the engine as well as alarm handling and the interface to HMI and SCADA systems

Each software control module is designed to operate within its own independent optimised program execution block to provide robust high speed control. Interfaces to the modules are simplified through defined parameter lists and command structures.

Load Control

Additional modules can be installed within the GT controller platform to provide driven load control facilities including:

  • Compressor Anti-Surge control

  • Compressor Station control

  • Electrical load control

  • Electrical load balancing and load shedding

  • Plant sequencing

Auxiliary Equipment

Proeon can supply all the necessary auxiliary control and protective systems needed for the GT control system that includes; fuel valves / skids, independent overspeed protection, Emergency Shutdown systems, Fire & Gas systems, vibration monitoring and replacement field instrumentation.

Control systems are normally provided with independent SIL capable safety systems to meet the latest standards of machinery protection and Proeon can provide integrated fire and gas monitoring and protection systems either for the unit package or the site as a whole.

Obsolescence Management

Legacy equipment can present a challenge when it comes to maintaining a full understanding of the system throughout long service lives, personnel changes, field modifications and the like. 

Proeon can provide a team of experienced service and control engineers to visit your installation and perform a full site survey, delivering a full report so you know exactly what’s going on with your equipment.  Armed with this knowledge, obsolescence risks are made clear, and pro-active strategies to prevent down time, or to modernise and enhance efficiency, can be put in place. Proeon Systems have experience with a variety of engine control systems, and are particularly well placed to offer support on existing HSDE Digicon ACE systems.

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