Fire & Gas Safety

Our range of Fire & Gas Safety management services includes; Fire prevention solutions, Fire Detection Systems, gas detection surveys, fire risk assessments, emergency lighting, means of escape for both onshore and offshore premises, and detailed individual evacuation plans.

Our Engineers are experienced in Fire & Gas safety engineering, installation and service, fire extinguishment system maintenance, electrical / PLC Controls, and consultancy.

Proeon apply this expertise to not only our own equipment designs, but to other manufacturer’s equipment, so that we are able to provide support and retrofit enhancements.

Fire Safety System and Field Device Specification Review

Proeon has the experience and competence to advise the most cost effective solution, for a compliant system, that will provide protection for the life of your asset. Reviews are carried out by trained and highly experienced fire safety engineers, with a wealth of knowledge managing fire safety within industrial and commercial settings.

Proeon fire safety engineers are registered, third party certified, fire risk assessors endorsed by the Institute of Fire Engineers.


The effective detection of flammable or toxic gas requires detection systems to be placed as part of an engineered solution. The system has to effectively assess the occupancy, processes, and risk involved within any potentially hazardous environment.

Proeon design the correct coverage for the level of risk identified, and we have the skills and tools to provide cost effective solutions to address those risks. With each gas detection coverage plan we will supply a detailed action plan to ensure the highest level of technical support is offered whilst cost efficiency is maintained.

Gas detection systems are required to protect people and assets wherever hazardous situations exist due to the presence of flammable or toxic gas.  Health & Safety regulations (Health & Safety at Work Act, DSEAR, COMAH, etc) clearly place the duty on employers to protect people from the risks related to dangerous substances and potentially explosive atmospheres.  An effective gas detection system protects people and companies and should be managed as part of an ongoing management life-cycle.  Proeon can support this process by providing a range of technical safety services to review and design such systems.


Fire & GAS Detection and Suppression Systems

Proeon can offer and support Fire & Gas detection and suppression systems, and all of our field equipment is provided with the required high standard Marine and SIL Certification.

Proeon are the UK preferred supplier of Scame Sistemi Fire & Gas Systems that are customisable, enabling us to tailor the system to meet the exact needs of the client, whilst cost efficiency is ensured.

Based on our years of expertise and strong working relationships with both Scame Sistemi and Apollo Fire Detection, Proeon have become one of the industry leaders in Fire & Gas detection and suppression systems.

Fire Safety

During the fire safety management process there are a number of pivotal moments, the most important of these being when the facility is handed over to the client, once the build has been completed. By providing independent third party support, Proeon are able to offer a comprehensive survey and design review prior to the build being transferred to the end user.

This is the most opportune time to flag any specific items that may require specialist fire safety knowledge to ensure compliance and a long lasting solution. All reports are independent and subject to Third Party Review Certification.

The Fire Safety Order requires fire risk assessments to be carried out and regularly reviewed by a technically competent and trained third party person. This process identifies what is required to prevent fire and keep personnel and assets safe. Proeon provide detailed fire safety reports, with achievable action plans and detailed documentation, to demonstrate active fire safety management.

Fire Detection / Suppression System Service

Servicing the fire detection and suppression systems provides system integrity and is an obligation of managing the fire safety for any onshore or offshore facility.  Proeon will carry out your servicing in accordance with BS5839-1:2013, providing a detailed report on the panel, listing each of the devices to provide ‘peace of mind' and the experience to address and resolve recurring faults and false alarms in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Fire extinguishers require stringent maintenance to ensure they will work when needed and, more importantly, are safe. Fire extinguishers are pressurised vessels that can explode when corroded or damaged, and have been known to cause serious injury and even death. Proeon can carry out your servicing in accordance with BS5306-6, and provide our clients with a detailed report, listing the condition of each one.

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