Subsea Control Systems

In response to market demands to provide cost effective support for ageing assets, life extension and productivity, Proeon provide non-OEM support for a range of legacy Subsea Production Control Systems.

This service builds on the extensive experience of our staff in subsea control systems equipment from a number of OEM vendors. Proeon has developed a range of cost effective hardware and software tools to provide, testing, upgrades and deployment of the key components of subsea production equipment including:

  • Subsea Control Modules (SCM)

  • Master Control Station (MCS)

  • Electrical Power Units (EPU)

  • Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

Our expertise and experience includes a broad spectrum of electronic and software based control and safety systems. We are capable of applying this expertise to not only our own equipment designs but to other manufacturer’s equipment also.

Where necessary Proeon can supply drop-in replacement topsides and subsea equipment that is backwards compatible with legacy OEM systems with all aspects of procurement, installation, commissioning and field support for legacy subsea control systems.

Proeon has built a reputation in providing high quality systems designed to the highest standards and all work is undertaken in the UK at our Hethel base including; mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and software aspects of the equipment. 

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