Fire & Gas


Proeon Systems is very pleased to announce the successful award of a contract from Perenco UK to upgrade and install Fire and Gas safety monitoring systems on six platforms in the North Sea over the coming months. The framework agreement between Proeon and Perenco will see three platforms completed this financial year and a further three in the following year.

Ed Betts, project engineer for Perenco said “Using the ‘SCAME Sistemi S81-HS’ panel, Proeon have fully addressed our specific requirements for fire & gas system replacements on 6 normally unmanned offshore platforms. We are confidently assured that the partnership between Proeon & SCAME Sistemi can benefit us in managing and supporting the system lifecycle in replacing our legacy fire & gas systems.”

Proeon’s expertise in offshore safety systems has attracted a lot of interested from operators of both Offshore Platforms and On-shore installations, where the skill sets and experiences within hazardous areas and Petrochemical are proving to be invaluable.