UVDB: Empowered by Achilles


Last week was a busy week with projects, workshop moves and an Audit thrown in for good measure. The Audit was the culmination of a process to allow Proeon Systems to supply public sector operators like the National Grid etc. having had a lot of interest from the sector for Proeon to supply services.

The certification is a yearly process of membership and auditing to confirm that the business is performing to minimum requirements in order to accept projects and tenders that come from the sector.  The assessment is performed by the Achillies group that are also responsible for FPAL (of which Proeon is already certified with) and sector assesments for Transport, Utilities, and Cement etc

The assessment covers Quality Management Systems, Health & Safety, Environmental policies, procedures and documentation which is all evidence based.  Proeon is very pleased to say that we scored above average in H&S and a rather unique 100% in Quality Management Systems, which just goes to prove what we already knew, ‘We’re at the top of our game for Quality, Products and Services’

Proeon System hope that this accreditation will also support other business avenues being a visual statement of our standards and procedures.

For more information on Achillies please click here.