Proeon Published in Hazardex

Randall Williams, Proeon Systems Fire & Gas Engineer publishes article in September issue of Hazardex Magazine entitled "Gas Mapping is it worth it?".  

In his article Randall outlines the importance of undertaking a gas detection survey to demonstrate that the responsible persons within companies have done all that is reasonably practicable to protect any operatives from risk. 

Randall has been involved with Fire Safety since 1988 and with each passing year has seen technological advances provide better detection and safety systems.  Specifically, gas detection systems are more sophisticated and the gas detectors have better response times and fault reporting.  However, no matter how good the gas detectors and systems are, if the detectors are not in the correct position then the system falls short. 

In his article Randall outlines the advantages of undertaking a Gas detection mapping or surveying exercise by a qualified and competent person to ensure design and location of the gas detectors is undertaken to reflect the risk of a potential toxic or flammable gas leak.

He highlights the changes in HSE legislation on 01 February 2016 relating to the guidelines they have released in terms of sentencing for Health & Safety breaches.

Randall's article also discussed the" Hazardous Safety System Cycle" - Proeon Systems have developed a system for Gas and Flame detection systems which identifies each step of the process in this cycle and the differing levels of documentation required at each stage.

How to determine "When does a company need a Gas Detection Survey" - considering specific parameters which may have changed in a business situation e.g. system upgrades; new systems; changes to processes or a building structure.  Together with the need for periodic review to capture any such changes and take appropriate action.

This coupled with the value of engaging an independent (third party) to undertake any Gas Detection Survey / Audit, who can bring a" fresh pair of eyes"  to look at the risk from a global perspective and provide insight into each specific situation, whilst reflecting deficiencies and failings in processes and procedures from an outside perspective and providing an appropriate set of recommendations and an action plan.

Randall leads the Fire & Gas team at Proeon Systems here in Norwich. 
Randall Williams has been working in the fire safety industry since 1988 as a Fire Alarm Engineer an Fire Risk Assessor. 

He is also:

  • certified Third Party Certified Fire Risk Assessor by the Institute of Fire Engineers
  • a member of the Industrial Fire Risk Special Interest Group for the IFE. 
  • 2013 - Graduated from the Institute of Fire Engineers (GIFireE)
  • 1986 -  Graduated with BSc Fire Protection Management & Technology from California State University, Los Angeles, California.