Proeon Systems and Aquaterra Energy combine forces

Proeon Systems Ltd and Aquaterra Energy Ltd have joined forces to offer support and specialist services to the offshore industry by providing comprehensive asset monitoring and interpretation equipment for offshore structures, including Wind turbines and O&G platforms.

The unique collaboration is a result of various historical projects that Proeon and Aquaterra have worked on, with Proeon delivering the control systems engineering, inspection, and packaging expertise that greatly complements the structural engineering, analysis and experience of Aquaterra.

The offshore Wind Industry is developing into a mature sector in UK waters, with some installations at 20 years in the field. The scale of the installed assets is increasing and the locations are getting further away from local beach side support. The inhospitable waters around the UK have added a new dimension to the already tricky logistics, accelerating degradation of the assets and reducing the window of opportunity to act out repairs and monitor the environmental effects.

Monitoring of assets is not a new practice, but how it is currently carried out follows outdated practices offering only basic data. By using applied and comprehensive technology on all aspects of the installed turbine this collaboration of the companies can ensure operators offshore have the support required to monitor structural fatigue, pre-empt structural failures and mitigate increased maintenance costs. This therefore increases long term generation availability and capability, all at a relatively low cost.

This combination of skill sets, expertise and experience means that clients finally have a robust asset monitoring package that provides more than just data but are able to provide the meaning behind the data from structural engineers.

If you want to know more about CMS systems or how to monitor your assets, please contact 01953 859110 and speak to one of our team.

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