Proeon Systems Ltd exhibited at SNS2016 at the Norfolk Showground, displaying our renovated gas turbine.

Terri the Turbine was alive and roaring away to the EEEGR crowds, excuse the pun, at the SNS Exhibition on the 2nd and 3rd of March.

Our team of dedicated Engineers, Apprentices, Business Development Manager and Commercial Administrator worked day and night to get her show ready.

So what was the purpose? Proeon were presenting in the EEEGR member’s breakout area, explaining how to “Extend the life of your assets” through the use of the latest in control technology. What more fitting way of demonstrating this than with a 40 year old gas turbine being controlled wirelessly through an iPad from a public lectern for all to see. 

Dr Dorian Hindmarsh, Proeon’s BDM presented the growing risk to operators across all sectors, from O&G to Wind to Nuclear, that legacy assets are often costly to replace when looking at a complete package replacement from the OEM, when in fact the core mechanical processes are often well maintained and operable. By replacing the control systems, often an embedded circuit board based system or long obsolete PLC based system, we can add many years of safe operation to the hardware process with some added beneficial features: global remote control, remote diagnostics, improved maintenance scheduling, performance improvements etc.

Attracting the largest group of delegates to the breakout session, the highlight was of course the live start up and running of the gas turbine and added live demo of fire protection through video flame detection systems, all fed back to the large LCD screens on either side of the stage.

To find out more on how we can add technology to your process, and increase the life span of your assets cost effectively, make contact with us directly. To see the turbine in action check out the EEEGR promotional film from around 45 seconds onwards to get some live footage of the presentation and display.