CAP437 Event Update

The Sembmarine SLP and Proeon collaborative CAP437 event is happy to announce that we will have live demo’s of the Orga developed LED Circle-H system lighting up Aberdeen. The LEDs are integrated into the core solution on offer to bring your helideck up to compliance.

Front line fire and gas detection company Draeger will be on hand to provide demonstrations and information on their F5000 Video Flame detectors adapted to close fit to the helideck providing fire coverage of your Helideck operations with the added benefit of optional control room CCTV through the Proeon control panel.

If you would like to come along to this engineers focused event please make contact with Dr Dorian Hindmarsh on +44 (0)1224  843 777 

Industry collaboration solves the CAP437 compliance conundrum

Proeon and Lowestoft based, Sembarine SLP have joined forces under an MOU, to offer the operators of offshore assets the only current comprehensive solution to the impending CAP437 - 7thEdition revisions. By 2016, operators on the UKCS with installations having fixed helidecks are required to comply with the latest standard, which will include the installation of an LED illuminated Circle & H, and a Deck integrated Fire Fighting system (DIFFs).

For a typical solution, Sembmarine SLP will offer clients the complete certified installation of the LED illuminated circle-H, DIFF nozzles and pump skid all integrated to a Proeon developed control solution. This will provide Dräger based video flame detection, with optional CCTV functions, and operation of the helideck lighting, all tied into the platform’s ESD if required.

Sembmarine SLP working in collaboration with Proeon, firmly believes this solution is the first step to provide a safe, cost effective and comprehensive answer to the soon to be enforced helicopter operation safety system changes.

The collaboration will be showcasing the solutions at a special event to be held on the 29thof January, at the i2 Building, 210 Union st. Aberdeen, SLP offices.

To find out more please contact Dr Dorian Hindmarsh at Proeon, telephone: +44 (0)1224 843 777