Turbine Control

HSDE Agreement Signed

Proeon Systems have signed a significant agreement with Manchester based Gas Turbine control specialists AT Engine Controls (ATEC) the owners of the HSDE brand, to develop solutions and promote the HSDE brand into new markets.

The HSDE brand name is often found on legacy Gas Turbine control systems for Rolls Royce Allison engines et-al across the world together with the HSDE Digicon family of controllers. ATEC/HSDE has been servicing these and other HSDE products over the years, with little or no new core product development.

The new collaboration with HSDE and Proeon will see the development and support for new products and solutions, and a creep back to the forefront of Gas Turbine control for the HSDE brand name. 

John Bowden, Technical Director of ATEC said:

"The application base for HSDE systems is now much greater with operators looking to elongate budgets and squeeze running costs in the current energy pricing climate. HSDE see an opportunity to broaden the offering and grow into new markets." 

So watch this space for more news on HSDE and its solutions...