The new website is on its way... sneak peak!

Well here at Proeon Towers we're hard at work doing the finishing touches to the new Proeon System's website ahead of the official launch with coffee on tap, and a packet of cookies to consume on the 1st of December is looking likely. Unfortunately that does mean that the old website is starting to make less sense than normal as data is ported, updated, and uploaded to the new site offline. But as you can I'm sure see from the sneak-peak above the new site (LHS) is a lot slicker and matches our new promotional materials, and business direction.

Watch this space...

Refreshing change...

Well it has been a little while, but we're giving the Proeon Systems website a bit of a refresh. As more of our clients look us up on line and we direct interest from other media for example; Twitter, LinkedIn etc the information we portray on the website and how you the reader interface with it has to be reviewed. Later this month we'll be altering the website subtly to include our core offerings, Consultancy, Systems, and Services, and within those areas we’ll have an easy to use description, example and download, to guide and enlighten the reader.    

The refreshed website will have new images and information on the growing team; we’ve moved on a lot since we started nearly ten years ago with just Kevin and Eddie. We’ll also have and area dedicated to our growing business in Fire and Gas panels thanks to the exclusive licence with Scame Sistemi. We’ll still have all the great News and Twitter feeds, but with a fresh look which we’re sure you’ll be happy to see. So why not save us as a ‘favourite’ and keep checking back to see the changes…. You can even ‘like’ us on facebook as well!!